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Resistance: Equestria 16
Within the walls of an old barn, Bonita looked over her Wildfire. Her double hued hair, two shades of purples, was kept neat and tidy. The faint glow of the candles lit up her olive skin. Even though it was broad daylight, the thick canopy and the fact that she did her best to hide the whole of the barn with boards and stuff, blocked out most of the sun's rays. She played her fingers over her gun, like it was her own child. The Spaniard took great pride in her firepower and this weapon gave her all she needed. She was never as accurate as her friend, who was known for her marksmanship. She made up for that with the Wildfire. This little beaut helped get her out of quite a few sticky situations.
'Though, I have Elmyra to thank for most of those situations in the first place.' She thought, rolling her eyes at the memory of her friend's deeds. It was like she had a knack for getting into trouble.
"Code Unicorn." She heard some say, knocking on the door slightly.
Bonita groaned. 'Speak of
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Resistance: Equestria 1
The broken windows allowed light to shine inside. It fell upon the only living thing in the room. The sunshine warmed his cold body, but his soul remained as cold as ice. The man lay on a hard mattress, which provided no comfort. For all real comfort had long since gone. His eyes watched the ceiling, never closing for an instance. Long since had he given up sleep. It only brought the untimely pain of waking up. Of showcasing the dead world to him time and time again. Like an annoying mocking bird, calling out into his ear. Yet, it still claimed him now and again, if only to be awoken by some noise, such as this morning.
He raised a hand to his head and rested it on his forehead. Slowly, he moved his fingers through his long, black hair. He hadn't had a haircut since his barber was mowed down, about a year ago. 'A year? Two days? How long has it been? How long has it been since hell broke loose upon the world? That the old order was put to shambles. That humanity was forsaken by
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Resistance: Equestria 2
The world came back into focus. His vision was blurry at first, but it cleared quickly. For some reason, only two of his eyes were working. The Advanced Hybrid shook his head. 'What happened?' He thought, growling slightly, feeling a dull pain coursing through his body. His mind was foggy. He was having trouble piecing the previous events together.
But that wasn't the only thing. Something was missing. It then came to him. His eyes widened so much, that they looked like they'd pop out of his skull. 'The song!' He couldn't hear the Chimera horde. It was silent. Deathly silent. This had never happened to him before. He could always hear it. But not now. It was almost like it didn't exist here. A feeling of abandonment and loneliness took him. He let out a small whine. 'But this planet is ours.'
He tried to stand up, but his legs gave in. Something was off with them. They didn't feel right. Actually, nothing seemed to feel right. Especially, his arms. They just felt…He quickly brough
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Resistance: Equestria 3
The mismatched party moved in absolute silence through the forest. Not one made even the slightest sound. The forest did it for them, with sights and noises foreign to their senses. Gregory's eyes wondered every which way, never staying in one spot for more than a few seconds. Sweat peppered his body, as he fought the urge to run and escape his captors. His mind was still processing everything that had happened within the last twenty-four hours. 'Okay, I'm a pony. I can confirm that fact.' He wiggled his tail, which really creeped him out immensely. 'My colleagues are ponies and so is the Chimera. And we've gone to a land with talking ponies…Is there anything I've missed. Oh, I don't know. ANYTHING NOT PONY RELATED!' He screamed the last bit inside his own skull.
"So," Bon-Bon said from on top of John's back. He had learned her name along the way. 'She just can't keep her mouth shut, can she?' He thought. Her voice still was a little strained. "Where'd you ponies come from?"
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Resistance: Equestria 4
The forest was at peace. The wind filtered about, blowing the leaves slightly as it passed. The trees themselves stood tall and proud. Amongst them, a small squirrel fritted about, passing from branch to branch. Winter would be coming and it needed to store enough nuts for winter.
Usually, ponies did that, but not for the animals of the Everfree. They had to do it on their own. Sometimes, the squirrel envied his Ponyville cousins. Of course, as much as a squirrel could. Right now, the only thing that mattered was finding food for its family.
As the little guy jumped from branch to branch, he noticed something sparkling on the ground. They sparkled in the sunlight. He stopped and stared. There was a large pile of things on the ground. Curiosity got to the little squirrel, so he climbed down the tree and walked over to the pile. The little mammal tilted its head. All the things inside the pile were much larger than him. He sniffed them. It was strange. The squirrel had never smelt anythi
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Resistance: Equestria 5
Diamond Tiara walked back to her home. She was still flustered about the events that took place a few moments before. 'That colt.'She thought, blushing at the memory of his touch. 'He was so dashing, like one of those stallions in fairy tales.' She didn't notice the small skip in her step. Nor the blissful smile that lit her face. Never before had she felt this giddy.
The little Earth pony wondered for a while why she did not go back home and cower in fear of death, which had almost claimed her not previously. Whenever they appeared, the image of her savior came into mind. 'Because he saved me.'She thought to herself. A little melody escaped her mouth as she trotted along.
Finally, she reached her house on the outskirts of Ponyville. It was rather large, and certainly expensive. Her father had said it cost a fortune to build it. Diamond Tiara had also asked why he built it so far away from everypony. His answer was as follows; 'Why should we interact with such common rifraf. We are pon
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Resistance: Equestria 6
The hospital ward was silent. Deathly silent. Nurse Redheart had never seen the place more calm then today. This is saying something, since she worked in the most accident prone town in all of Equestria. Not that she hated working there. Just the opposite in fact. She loved Ponyville. It was so calm and peaceful, for the most part. The town certainly did give her new ways to heal ponies, which was her job after all.
But certain ponies were rather…how should she put it…aggravating. Aggravating was putting it mildly. Now, she didn't hate these ponies, or specifically one pink mare, but she found her job extremely difficult when she had to deal with them. 'I can't believe she uses so much confetti and deserts…Oh, that just complicates things.' She thought. Sometimes, a patient would get too high on the sweets and cause some damage. 'Pinkie Pie namely.' It wasn't much and no one got hurt. 'Most of the time.' But still, Redheart did not like being around the local party mare.
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Resistance: Equestria 7
Twilight groaned as light filled her eyes. She rubbed her head as she sat up. "Ugh, what happened?" She said. "I feel as though I've been dragged about.
"Because you were, silly." Surprise said, popping up behind her.
Twilight held back the cry of surprise in her throat. "Don't do you that." She said, visibly shaken.
Surprise giggled. "I can't help it." She told her honestly. "It's my nature. I just have this urge to surprise ponies." She put a hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "But don't worry, I'll tone it down." She trotted off. "Maybe." She started giggling again.
Twilight groaned. 'She's too much like Pinkie for her own good.' Speaking about that pony, she was hopping about with a plate of fresh cupcakes on her head. "Hey, Twilight." She put the plate onto the table and zoomed over to Twilight's side. "How are you doing?"
"I'm doing swell, Pinkie." Twilight said. "Albeit a small headache."
"Oh, then have this." Pinkie said, pulling out a bottle of pain killers seemingly out of nowhere.
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Resistance: Equestria 8
The two chaos agents watched on through their binoculars as the strange new Unicorn escorted the mare away. He was trailed by a large group of his followers. They knew what they were looking at. There was no way they could deny it. "Those new ponies just took over Ponyville." Spray-On said, not believing what he said.
"Eyup." Portobello responded, lowering his pair of binoculars.
"Chief is going to have a fit when he hears this."
Spray-On's binoculars fell to the ground, before he rubbed his forehead. 'This pony is giving me a migraine.' "Because, these guys look like trouble and not the kind of trouble the boss likes."
"But I thought Chief loves all sorts of trouble." Portobello stated, not getting his point.
"Yeah, the 'I don't know what is going on, but seems fun' kind of trouble," Spray-On tried to explain. "Not the 'I'm going to kill ponies and cause destruction' kind of trouble."
"Oh," Portobello said, finally realizing it. "That sounds bad."
"Of course it sounds bad, you
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Resistance: Equestria 9
A sense of dread and unease swept its way through Gregory's spine as he walked about the town hall. The Chimera mare walked closely behind him. Never before had he been so intimidated by a woman…well, except for his mother, but let's be honest. Mothers are quite intimidating. "Where exactly are we going again?"
"To an empty space." The mare replied.
"You mean vacant room." Gregory tried to correct her.
She growled and bared her teeth. "Silence." She said. "I will not be back-talked by some human."
Gregory opened his mouth to correct her again, but shut it when he saw her scowl. 'Jeez, even in this world, women are edgy.' Now that he thought about it, being a pony wasn't much different from being a human. Yes, he missed having fingers and such, but it wasn't so bad. 'This isn't so bad? You're being held against your will by the chimera, who want you to turn them back to their old selves, just so they can eat you. What part of that 'isn't so bad'?' Sometimes, he hated it when he rem
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Resistance: Equestria 10
Up on the farm, it was just another day in the life of the apples. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing calmly between the trees, and even Apple Bloom had been laying off the cutie mark antics. Her big brother had gone off to take a few supplies to Zecora, so she'd been left to do all the bucking. Now, Applejack could finally take a break in peace. Cider season was one of the more strenuous times of the year, and now that it was over, she could relax.
The farmer opened the front door. She wiped the sweat off her brow. Her stomach grumbled. Applejack chuckled. "Looks, like I worked up quite the appetite." She hadn't eaten anything of worth in a while. Yes, there was the occasional little treat, but for the past few days, nothing substantial.  She headed into the kitchen.
A faint aroma filled her nostrils. Granny Smith had baked one of her famous Apple Pies. No other pie in all of Equestria could taste as nice as hers. It was a family secret. Her mouth started to water a b
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Resistance: Equestria 11
Bullseye paced back and forth back the fractured desk. By now, he had made a rut in the ground, with his constant hoof stomps, which was up to his shoulders. He was snorting and growling in anger, unable to stop himself from muttering Chimerean curses under his breath.  'Why haven't they found my Bullseye Mark II yet? How hard can it be to find it?'
The town's supreme commander stood a few feet away, just looking at him. "How long are you going to keep that up?"
"Until I get my Bullseye back." He growled in response. "And get revenge on that grey flying creature."
"But Mr. Bullseye," The creature, he knew as Mayor Mare, said. He didn't know why she kept calling him that. That wasn't his title. "Ditzy didn't mean to cause you any harm. She's just…accident prone."
"I do not care if she is 'accident prone'," He declared. "I will have vengeance."
"Don't you think you're overreacting?"
"Overreacting?" Bullseye stopped in his tracks and glared at her. "Overreacting?" He climbe
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Resistance: Equestria 12
Bullseye began to regain consciousness. His vision was clouded and his mind muddled.  'What happened?' He asked himself. He was still trying to piece together the events that had unfolded right before his blackout. He had been so angry. Everything seemed to be falling to pieces before his very eyes and when he talked about a Time Lord…He still didn't know why he knew that word, but it filled him with rage none the less. Rage that surged through him, like the cooling fluids that ventilated his temperature, but that was stronger. He felt like he could do anything he wanted and he wanted them all to die. And right before he blacked out, he did it. He felt the energy surge through his horn and make his thoughts reality.
'But why? How?' He thought, as he raised himself up. As he looked around, he found himself staring into nothing but fog. 'Odd. I thought I was in a building…THOSE HUMANS LEFT ME OUTSIDE!' He made a mental note to kill several of them when he got back to
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Resistance: Equestria 13
The morning sun shone brightly, back on Earth. The falling rays of light did nothing to penetrate a concealed British hideout; a group of soldiers were planning their next move. At their head, stood Stephen Cartwright. He was a rather tall man, with green eyes that held much experience. His short red hair could be seen under his green beret. A L23 Fareye sat on the table within reach of him.
Next to him stood an equally tall woman, named Rachael Parker. Her brown eyes shone with determination. Her light brown hair was tied up in a bow.
The two were far renowned in their fight against the chimera and had helped orchestrate many anti-Chimera campaigns. Even so far as to free most of Europe from the monsters grip. But now, even for them, things looked bleak.
"Now that they've taken our northern outpost," Stephen said, gesturing to a spot on the large map on the table before them. "They'll be here within a fortnight."
"That's if they know we're here." Rachael commented.
Stephen nodded. "We
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Resistance: Equestria 14
She hid herself in the shadows of the apple trees. She needed to make sure he didn't see her coming. She giggled. 'He always loves it when I surprise him.' She quickly sped through the orchard, looking for any sign of that big, red, loveable hulk. Unfortunately, she couldn't find him anywhere. She sighed sadly. 'Maybe he's on break.'  She smiled hopefully and flew off. Her red bow fluttered against her left ear.
This chipper pink, yellow maned, Pegasus, was none other than Cherry Twist; Local Big Mac expert and secret admirer. Of course, there was nothing secretive about her advances.
She then decided to check the house. He usually spent his off time inside, relaxing. 'But why can't he relax with me? I'm far more relaxing than anything in that stuffy old house.' She sighed. 'What I wouldn't give to be stuck in a stuffy old house with him.' It didn't take her long to get to the Apple's home.
The Pegasus, using her incredible stealth capabilities, opened the front door and ente
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Resistance: Equestria 15
Paul gave out a huge yawn as he stretched his new limbs. He'd never gone to sleep as a pony before. Actually, he'd never slept on a real bed before. It was real nice. He'd never felt this good in the morning. Usually, he'd just get up with sore and then go help his parents with something. Not now. He could do whatever he liked.
And his first destination was the kitchen. 'I wonder if they have deer.' He thought absentmindedly. It was his favorite meal, though his mother never cared for killing them.  
As he walked through the halls, he couldn't help but admire Tiara's house. It was bigger than any building he'd seen before, and much fancier. 'Why, I've never seen a building with no holes or mold before.'
Finally, for what seemed like an hour, which was only a few minutes, he made it to the kitchen. There, he found Screwball, sitting up beside a large counter. She was doing something with two white slices and some jam and some type of gooey stuff. She looked up and smiled at hi
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